Tang Hoong


Years of working in digital advertisment film, looking for more society impactful way to contribute the works and products.

Better life

Live your life to the fullest.

12 startups in 12 months

Inspired by Pieter Levels' work , I had decided to work on execute these ideas, which sketched or delayed when I still had my full time jobs. Those ideas maybe dumb, by I will try to start somethings that could contribute to society or a pieces of feature that can automate tasks and jobs.

Startup Sarawak

A site that agreagate my local state startup and social enterprise, to keep track and understand the execution progress on helping them to have publicity. Plus its also have the info that contribute by coomuinty.

Sibu Chat

It's an editor hand pick Youtube Channel based on the entertainment that the editor chioce.

Easy Share

Coming soon

Volunteer Social Enterprise

Coming soon

Digital Job Board

Coming soon

Social Event

Coming soon

Matching Marketplace

Coming soon

SaaS Pages

Coming soon

 SaaS AI

Coming soon

SaaS Crypto

Coming soon

SaaS X

Coming soon

Kamfu Organizations

Provide support and advice for NGOs and private sector on using SaaS and Tech to enhance their workflow and internet marketing.

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